Hi ROBLOX! 1,000 characters huh. That's not a lot. I think I just wasted like 80 :(. Anyway, I'm Legojoker. Alternates of mine: Legojoker2, Legojoker3, and yes there are more (not with the name Legojoker though :P).

I'm a developer of sorts, I've been working on Empirical Domination for over a year now, the sequel to the moderately played game Project Little Men, which was a fixed version of earth100's original The Little Men. Empirical Domination is a completely new renovation of Little Men, practically everything except the unit and building models are different (scripting, maps, sound, new content, etc). 

Now that I've gotten the disclosure out of the way (-_-), I would like to use my remaining 300 characters to tell you about myself :3. 

Interests include: Theoretical physics, math, biotech, neuroscience, psychology, AI.

Hobbies: Playing video games on my computer. Soccer...occasionally :P.

Well, that's 1000 characters! Looks like I'm about to run out of writing spa-Read More

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    Testing stuff point in buying the access o.O.

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  • Construct to Kill--Read DESC.

    Tycoon game I made in the past. I have it up for nostalgic reasons, as this was one of the first real, playable games I created. The project motivated me to learn scripting and exercise critical thinking. It's still playable, but may be buggy as ROBLOX has made many changes over the years (last real update was 2013). Enjoy the relic :).

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  • Project Little Men [Check out Empirical!]

    {Version 2.0.1} Thanks for the visits guys! Sorry I haven't been very active. NOTICE: Empirical Domination (Little Men's successor) has officially begun open testing and is playable. While it doesn't have ALL of the specilized buildings available in this game, it has updated guis and asthetics (such as sound) to make it more entertaining. Give it a try, it's on my profile! UPDATE LOG: Teleport station costs $70 now, making a network a total cost of $140. Artillary now has a deploy hotkey, "F." Artillary now costs $125, and nerfed its range to be equal to MG turret. Link to map making forum: . IF YOU LIKE THE LITTLE MEN, join the group "The Little Men Pwnzers", and remember to favorite and thumbs up!

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