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  • im a tree

    k, soz, der wur da trees in treelandio, and dey wur coolio. den da l0z3r p00p3r humanz wur jelly n dey try n cut down da treez but da treez r liek nu so da humanz r liek ahh were l0z3r p00p3rz so we suk n dey diez. den da unicornz poop on da treez n da treez r liek look we no dat u have nu place 2 poopoo but we dun liek it n it hurtz our feelz n we wud rlly liek it if u stop plz n den da unicornz r liek sniff we sorry n dey poo in da mud. da coolio end one day da coolio tree was feelin sick, so he decided to leave treelandio. every tree wus devestated. a date palm tree assumed powar, but treelandio slowly faltered. fake treez wur everywhere. but den, coolio tree came bak, but da palm tree wasnt convinced. he thought it was another fake tree by da l0z3r p00p0r humanz and gave him a quiz. coolio tree passed da quiz, and da date palm tree let him become da leader once more. coolio wiped out all da fake trees, but lost a few in da process cuz he thought dey wur fake treez. da end :)

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