No words describe my life why would you even try?. (Quitted Roblox on 15th June)

-More of a car lxvxr type of guy and Nissan4ever ♥️ 

-🚘2 years in the Automotive Industry and I can legally modified vehicles 🚘hehe

 -Owned a bike which is my Honda190R🏍️ (recently purchased this year)

 -🌃Currently serving in the Army Force that's why I didn't get to be active that much on roblox,career life comes firstt🌃 

-Graduated as a Military Policemen (22nd May) 

"Life is full of surprises why waste your time,dream BIG and go BIG"- Hanz😊Read More


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  • 🎭 UnearthXII 🎭(UPDATED)

    A place where i'm able to spend my time with my friends and hangout with the people that i'm closed with .Also you're able to train your skills with the weapons that i've given in this game.This is just the beginning and i'm still working on it to add-on some interesting ideas in this map Doing a robux giveaway next month so if anyone are interested please dm me.The following contestants will be displayed on here.All you have to do is just have to complete the obby and the fastest person wins the prize ,as simple as that ^_^ 1st -500R 2nd-350R 3rd-150R Participants -LateGammer -Tala3211 -Cattt54 -ShivaTheBeaver101 -iiWinzallzdayz -ibrahimali1234567

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  • 🔪The Trench Warfare🔪

    Fallen into a deep map you've been put into a battlefield against the other team,kill enemies to earn more points and capture their flags to spawn in their areas.Scripts and Weapons are not made by me so credits to the creators who made them and letting us use 👍 Further update needs to be done within these few weeks but i'll be more focus on this map to do some minor tweaks and adding on some scripts that could make the game even better

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