I Am Currently On A Break From Roblox, So I Will Not Be Making Any Clothes, I Am Very Sorry. I Also Draw, But I Do Not Draw Just Anyone, I Only Draw My Friends. ♊ I'm A Gemini ♊ ❤❤❤❤❤❤ⒷⓇⒻⒻⓈ❤❤❤❤❤❤ ツ Cupcakepixie12 ツ ★ Loo36 ★ ☀ ctang11 ☀ ♪ Rainbowcloud10 ♪ $ BomBom101 $ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Questions: Do I Donate? No. Do I Accept Your Friend Request? Maybe. Do I Buy Your Clothes? If I Like Them. Do I Draw You? Only My Friends. Do I Make Your Clothes Requests? On hiatus (Taking a break) ~BlockGurl18~ Read More

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  • I'm From Mississippi

    Welcome to the Magnolia State! We are the largest group for Mississippi on Roblox! Feel free to comment on our wall, and send us ally requests!

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  • The Robloxian Creature Fan Club

    Hello there creature cats welcome to the robloxian creature fan club if you are a fan of the creatures plz join! Want to support the group? Buy the T-shirt at: List of the creatures: Kootra:The creature cat of the group Uberhaxornova: attempted the g@ytony ...and failed Thecampingtree: hates MC Slyfoxhound:The troll Gassy mexican:*belch* Chilled chaos: Burnt the house down Zeroyalviking: burnt down with the house Danznews:The imprestionist Junkyard:The old guy SSoPKC: mario master Pbat: hes a bossaru! Friends: Chimneyswift: he uses his tooth as a buckit LuclinMCWB: hes a part of the family Tehsmarty: sucks at N+ GaLM: hes galm... Lyle: Hes that guy off machinima OMFGcata: He builds :) Ihascupquake: she got here rainbow booty Any more you know of? plz inform me. May the brown be with you!

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  • Anti-Animal Abuse Group!

    Oldest and most popular animal abuse prevention group on Roblox. Created in 2010, became most popular 2/22/12. ~~FOUNDER: Hannah30000~~ Things will be changing a bit since we're under new ownership now! NEWS: Rank information: Daily commenters. New Shout every 1-3 days. New members join every day! Be a part of the effort. Our duty is to encourage Robloxians to go out and make a change! Join us, we have virtual cookies! dog cat domino vortex lol cobras sleet derby robloxian army warriors ussf wij lortex roblox noob raven telamon imperium iron empire usa club squad trade clan guild fan club hat owners xbox brigade art boss pokemon infantry corps military god jesus christian legion war dogs cats love animals

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  • Skinny Jeans

    Hello, This is the group "Skinny Jeans" We are the #1 Skinny jeans' group in ROBLOX! A few rules we have for the group: 1. DO NOT SPAM! 2. Do not ask to be moved up of you will be placed in "1 Day Ban". 3. You have to LOVE skinny jeans'! And finally 4. Do not fight! **WE HAVE CONTEST QUESTIONS ABOUT ONCE A WEEK OR SO! I WILL GIVE A WARNING ABOUT AN HOUR OR SO BEFORE THE CONTEST**

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  • Cat Lovers

    This Group is for CAT LOVERS/ PEOPLE WHO LIKE CATS!!!! Check out my t-shirt for the cat lovers group t-shirt. You can still join this group if you like cats alot or a little! In the comments chat about everying to do with cats including about the strangest and craziest things your cat did! Offical Group t-shirt at----

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  • Anime Club

    A group for fans of any anime! The first group dedicated to it, too! Whether you're a die hard fan or just starting, this group is awesome to learn about and discuss anime, manga, Japan, and other related things. Don't write in Japanese unless you translate. NO SPOILERS! ___________________________________________

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