Hey there, I'm TheAtomicSoldier, previously known as coolerman100. I've been playing Roblox since 2008 and have had many great moments during those years. I've also lead many war groups -ranging from 1k members all the way to 15k members- and had some amazing times. I'm also a novice game developer currently working on a few games. If for some reason you have any questions send me a message. Have a great day!Read More

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  • SCP:CB Roleplay WIP

    Welcome to SCP:CB Role play! Here you can take on the job of someone of the SCP Foundation and explore the facility! Be tested on, escape breaches or raid the facility! Rules: 1. Do not do repeated breaches. One time is fine if you role play it. Multiple breaches of the same SCP can become annoying and may result in a ban if repeated. 2. Be respectful to others. Don't bully or threaten to ban them. If they are breaking a rule just tell them to quit and if they don't send me a message with proof. 3. Do not abuse the weapons. These weapons are for role playing, not mass RDMing. If killing someone would be fine in the RP situation go ahead. If mass RDM becomes too much of a problem I might replace the real weapons with fake ones. 4. Don't spam the radio. Other people have to talk also so don't spam up the whole chat.

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  • SCP Containment Breach

    Hoping to reboot this game a bit. Not going to put a ton of work in it since I am on another project but hopefully enough to get it going again.

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