FedoraMasterB98 (R)

Hey guys!

I am a 23 Year old ROBLOX Developer. I am the group Creator and Founder of TRC, Rockport State, Norfolk City, and current Owner and Founder of the State of Firestone!

I have a passion for building, it all started from simply building with LEGO pieces before I discovered ROBLOX, and started building on a game called "Build a Store & Earn Money" and I've been building ever since!

Here's my resume:
Founder and former Commissioner of The Robloxian Cops.
Founder of the State of Rockport.
Founder of the City of Norfolk.
Current owner and Founder of the State of Firestone.

Joined, April 24, 2010 (On my alt)

Birthday: January 13, 1998.

Previous owner of TSTF #43.
Previous owner of BSF #39.
Previous owner of GSTF #65.
Previous owner of MBSTF and OSTF.


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