Tarsus de Riten y Ciervo || Tarsus Goran 

Time is something we will not have forever, and our time on this site- this game is no different. Thanks to this platform we can, we have, and perhaps inevitably we will live numerous lifetimes in the short span of a game or perhaps through the lives of groups and friends that we make.

I urge the new generation to savour every moment of it. To laugh, to cry, to smile, to anger, and to rise once again. Savour every moment, for each one that passes does not return save in bittersweet nostalgia.

Let every moment you spend here be a word in a grand adventure. Your adventure. And allow yourself to be part of the adventures of many others- your part being minimal or otherwise. And at the end, look fondly to what you have done, to what you have experienced, and to what the next may bring.

The Road goes ever on and on. 
Out from the door where it began. 
Now far ahead the Road has gone. 
Let others follow, if they can!


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