Former Rapid Response Team Director
Former RIF Lead Executive
Former Robine Deathwatch
Former PLF Chief Warrant Officer 
Former BEAR Captain 
Former Robine Royal guard 
Former BEAR Royal Safeguard 
Former Kaas Emperor 
Former Green Gods Sergeant 
Former Robine Overwatch 
Former Robine Intercept Squadron 
Former Robine Elite Protection Unit 
Former Perseus Legion 
Former UAF Mercenary 
Former Slashing Legion Emperor / Advisor
Former Rosistance Second in command 
Former ogodyes MTF B7 Task Force Leader 
Former O5-X Council of Sethwyd's Foundation 
Former O5 Gray's SCPF
Former Chancellor of Const's Germany Army 
Former AR Chief Executive Officer 
Former Aptem's Chaos Insurgency third in command 
Former MARSOC Commando
Former Robine BLACKOUT 
Former Robine Peacekeeper 
Former TGR Red Guard 
Former TGR 501st Legion 
Former TGR 104th Battalion 
Former Lortex Security Senior Colonel 
Former Robine High Rank 
Former Robine Battle Corps 
Former TGR N1 
Former Ogodyes A-1 SpecialistRead More


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