* Lua Highlight
* Crypt Executed Code
* Save Last Code
* Auto-R6
* Fast Spawn
* Custom Database
* Commands
* Custom Environments

0.1 Do not take actions that will intentionally slow down the server.
0.2 Do not shut down the server unless there is a problem.
0.3 Do not change the map unless there is a problem.
0.5 Do not ban people unless there is a serious problem, you can ban those who do not follow the rules of the game.


What is DirectHax?
DirectHax is a Executor that aims to provide a flawless experience.

How does encryption work?
A special module developed by DirectHax is used for this and it needs a key to crack the code.

DirectHax History
DirectHax has been in the market since 2018, but it has been hacked and shut down many times, and this is the last time it has been developed.

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