🍬Get Candy in race and use candy to buy Halloween costumes~
⚡x2 lighting in Start Race and Advanced Race
⚡x10 AFK Reward

🍬Specila Code: HALLOWEEN

11/1 UPDATE 7
- 30% off on all gamepass and product
- New limited egg  and pets
- Leader board bug fix

Welcome to Super Race Clicker~ Click quickly to gain speed then become the fastest runner in the world~

☝️ -Click to gain speed and run faster
⚡ -Collect ⚡energy while running. More energy, more click speed
🌈 -Use ⚡energy to collect trails of various colors
🌎 -Run around the world and become the fastest runner~

👍 -  Thumbs up and favorite for more updates!

Tags: Runner, Obby, Parkour,Speed, Platformer ,Faster, Colorful, Race, Run,Clicker


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