Group:!/about please post hackers usernames on group wall if you spot one.

ATTENTION! There has been a hacker flinging people, if the hacker is in your server you can use a v.i.p server with just you or you and your friends. Yes v.i.p servers are free.
Btw theres a gamepass that makes your character get possessed, the nicki gamepass that won't fling you don't mix that up with hackers.

Vecna snatched up some bones
How to do the Chrissy Crumple:
Click the "Chrissy Crumple" tool, then press anywhere on your screen and your avatar will start doing the Chrissy Crumple.

Fall update release date: OUT NOW!
Halloween update release date: approx September 30th

Hair made by RipperRio (hair is not in the game currently)

could this be? the player count dropping? maybe its due to school, or maybe it could be the end of a era. if it is the end of a era thank you all for your support.

Stranger Things


There are currently no running experiences.