A couple of gods have just moved in to a nice new fixer upper.  Will they be able to renovate their new home into something liveable?  I'm sure they will.  It'll be fine.

A whole planet simulator.  Collect resources and use them to terraform the planet.  Watch it transform over time.  Choose wisely, or ... you know ... don't.  

Game Status: 
- 232 upgrades!!!
- Chapters 1 through 13 are completed (from a ball of rock to moonbases)

Recent Updates:
- Now with Massively Improved Loading Speed!!
- Dyson Swarm
- The True God
- Slimes, Phoenixes
- City of Brass
- Tarot Cards
- Planes Apocalypse
- Enlightenment Apocalypse
- Light of Enlightenment
- Rockets
- Credits (may add here)
- Ouroboros
- Planets Apocalypse
- UI Adjustment to better support mobile platforms
- Much better selection using shapecasting on mobile/console.

Character Portraits by @Momsaidno###.

Various Roblox Toolbox models/audio are used.  I'm happy to remove/give credit for whatever creators ask for.


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