Owner/Scripter - PhoenixSigns
Gun Modeler - SimonOwO
GFX - Arvensis
Lobby built by: Aerozia
Contributors: FailedUnion

Chat /requestmod REASON to report a hacker. Do not abuse this feature or else you WILL be banned.

Please drop some Robux in the shop if you are enjoying this game! It really helps us out with funding and sponsors.

- 8/28 Code redemption
- 8/24 Fixed purchase of coins
- 7/25 Network optimization
- 6/2 New Honey Badger model + AA-12 and Spas-12!
- 4/26 gamepasses should be fixed
- 3/17 Bug fixes
- 3/3 Emoji support(automatically converts characters) & tilting(use "Q" and "E")
- 2/26 New equipment!
- 2/24 Certain hotkeys have been remapped!
- 2/23 SU .40 (high firing rate + drum magazine + built in grenade launcher!)
- 2/18 MG42(LMG) is out!

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