This game will notify you if ROBLOX has updated an item on the catalog OR makes an item limited. If an item was updated, and the item is on sale, the item purchase will be prompted to you. If an item goes limited, you will see it appear on your screen. 

A ping noise will play several times letting you know that something has either been updated or has gone limited. This allows you to use your device for other purposes while you simply sit in the game and wait for the ping to play.

NOTE: If an item is on sale, and then gets updated, it will still be prompted to you. (This simply means the item was updated, and not placed on sale. This means the idea will MOST LIKELY not go limited.)

This game was created by InsertedError, but was inspired by baukeblox12's bot.

** YOU ARE ABLE TO AFK FOREVER (you will be teleported to a different game if you are AFK for 15 minutes. That game will then teleport you back.) **


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