👋 Welcome to Strong Simulator S 💪
🎁 Join group for in-game bonuses!

🌟USE CODE "muscle100" for 100 STRENGTH and 25 GEMS!
🔥 LIKE and FAVORITE the game for new codes!

❓ What to do?
It’s a lifting game where you should get big muscles, lift weights, use the bench press, deadlift, treadmills, and much more to become the strongest lifter of all time!

🏋️ Work out with different machines!
💪 Gain muscle strength!
🏅 Battle with other players for a spot on the leaderboard!
🥊 Brawl with other players!

✅ Update Log:
💪 Auto Rebirth! You can turn it on or off in settings menu!
⚡ Auto Clicker Pass!
🔩 Settings menu makeover! Looks awesome now!
❤️‍🔥 UPD1 code for a nice boost!
🔥 Reputation! Which side you are? Good or bad one? Up to you now!
🎉 Leaderboard has been added! Become and unleash your real strength on the top!
❤️ Durability store! Increase your durability to become unlimited lifter!


There are currently no running experiences.