💰 PLS STEAL is a betting simulator where you battle against opponents in minigames to encourage Robux donations! If you win against another player, your product will appear on their profile until anyone buys it.

⚠️ Donations are done through clothing and gamepass sales, which are taxed and can take up to a week to receive. You can see your pending Robux here: 

⭐ This game portrays gambling through betting, but this feature is just for fun. Buying other players' products will always only be for donating. Any trades or agreements with Robux is against Roblox terms and is not endorsed by PLS STEAL. For a longer explanation, check out the Terms section in game.

🤔 This game was heavily "inspired" by PLS DONATE, the trailblazers in the donation genre. If you somehow never played it, you can check it out here 


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