Welcome to the Temple of Avalon!

The Isle of Avalon was a secluded location in the Gulf of Islands within the Jethan archipelago. The island boasted a rather flat expanse with a single, solitary butte in the center. Because of its seclusion, TRA used it for military exercises. Due to the weak structure of the supposed sandstone foundations of the butte and the years of wear and tear by military movements, a single earthquake caused the butte to collapse, unveiling an ancient temple from an era long forgotten. The discovery drew archaeologists from all over the Charter Nations and even a small bout of tourism. TRA soon appropriated the newly dubbed Temple of Avalon and, with the help of new holo technology, now use the inner sanctum of the temple for trainings.

Trello: /b/TIYmXmQa/avalon
Guide: WIP
How to access trainer panel: go to keybinds and search for avalon_admin and bind the hotkey to something of your liking (eg h).

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