This game is really old, I think that it'd be better if I create a new revamped version.
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Note: This game was a fan game made back in 2017 and it was based on "Flee The Facility", I also have a message of the owner of the original game (MrWindy) that approved that I can make a fan game of the original one.
Also thank you him for giving me an inspiration and an idea of making the game!
But this is my own version of the game. And no, I did not copy the original game B(

Shift to run, not to crawl.

Btw, If you don't know why are there so many dislikes. Back then when I created the game successfully many people played it but while I was trying to update the game I've made alot of mistakes so when they joined it. It's all broken and stuff so they disliked it. lol. But don't worry, I've decided to bring the game back, also fixed it.

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