GAME IS IN [BETA] Expect bugs and please report them to our communications server. 

Central Slums is a hood-based criminal roleplay, located in a city/slums, relatively difficult game to play.

You can be a Civilian: looting ATMs, Safes, Registers, and even a bank to gain bounty and cash 

You can also be a police officer: arresting criminals and serving justice.

You can join a crew with your friends [Using Crew ID] and fight against other crews in a war with fists, guns, and melee weapons, and be on top of the global leaderboard.,

You can lift weights to become bigger and stronger, giving you more damage and health.

Eating lettuce will reduce your muscle 

Want to drop cash off to a friend? Use your wallet tool, cash drop takes 30% of the cash.

[Command pc]
E - Stomp 
G - Carry 
F - Block 
R - Reload
CTRL - Crouch
Shift - Run 


There are currently no running experiences.