👍Use the codes '8000LIKES' & '4750LIKES' & '6750LIKES' & 'UPDATE1' & '50KVISITS'
⌛New code at 13,000 Likes!

🏌️ Welcome to Golf Swing Simulator! ⛳

🏷️ - New Tokens Shop!
🗺️ - New Town Area!
⚽ - 5 New Balls!
🏆 - New Gems and Opened Boxes Leaderboards!
❌ - Cancel Throw Button!
📈 - 5 New Ranks Levels!
🐛 - Bug fixes and improvements!

Coming Soon: New Golf Bats, Hoverboards, Golfmans, Emotes, Balls Levels & more!

❓Looking for a tutorial?!
🖱️- Hold the throw button and try to reach the best percentage!
🌟- Upgrade your stats to be the best the player!
🗳️- Open crates and unlock better balls!
🎉-Unlock special areas around the map!
📈- Try to be the best of the leaderboards!

Phone/Mobile = Hold anywhere of the screen 
Desktop = Hold the Q key
Xbox/Console = Hold the R2 button

Found some bug? Please report to us, we appreciate!
A lot of features are coming to the game, enjoy!

Made by @Gabr3br & @SamFrestyIe


There are currently no running experiences.