raising a pet noob is easy, what could go wrong?

Inspired by all raise a _____ games (specifically raise a floppa)

If you find any bugs, please post them in the feedback menu or the Community Server (13+). There will most likely be a lot of bugs when major versions are first released.

Left Thumbstick (CONTROLLER) / Shift (KBM) - Sprint

MrMeowzz (@MeowzzMr) (Lead Dev) - Scripting, GUIs
Jacob_VR (@Jacob_VR6464) (Dev) - Builder, Animator
Benku (@Askasfu) - Artist (icon of game, some in-game icons, etc.)

Other Credits:
@Kampfkarren - DataStore2 (better data saving, loading)
@FearMeIAmLag - Emoji Chat Suite (list of emojis in chat)

Update changelog is in-game!

Version v1.7 (+ Release Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements)


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