👍 Like and Favorite game for more updates, game is still in BETA report any bug in group wall👍
LifeCraft 💎 is a sandbox survival game made for people wanting to explore a never ending world

Join group to access free kit, chat-tag!
Use command :kit group once you have joined!

🗺️ Explore a never ending world with your friends
⚔️ Fight other players and survive to your best ability
🌲 Mine different materials such as dirt, stone, wood
🔨 Create a free Private Server, build nice map with friends that auto-saves [ALPHA]

🎁 Latest Update:
- Greedy Meshing!
- Big cave systems!
- Deeper bedrock level!
- Mobile Improvements!
- Server Management for VIP server!
- New Grass/Snow block texture!
- Much more!
Not Minecraft!
Music by C418


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