🐶 Welcome To My Puppies, an unlimited world of puppies awaits! Become the best in this game by exploring and completing quests to hatch new and unique cute puppies! Adventure through and unlock all the puppy worlds, and customize your own home kennel!

🦴 How to play:
- Explore around the world, and dig piles to find coins! 🐾
- Purchase new eggs, and complete quests to hatch them! 🐣 
- Buy bigger kennels to increase the number of puppies you can collect! 👑
- Become the greatest collector by exploring unique worlds, and hatching unique puppies! 

👍 400 Likes and favorites for a new update!

🏆 Credits:
- Astral (Founder/Programmer)
- MaxReax (Founder/Builder)

Tags: My Puppies, Pets, Adopt Me, Roleplay, Simulator, Cartoon, Dogs, Pet Simulator X, Puppies, RP, Explore, adopt, eggs, dogs, cute, puppy simulator


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