Welcome to Blue Moon Season 2! 

🏃 Race your friends in the limited-time BLUE RUN EVENT!!! 🏃
📹 Watch behind the scenes videos of your favorite Man City players
✍️ Become a junior member and get access to the exclusive spaceship clubhouse and videos
🏆 Try to beat the Blue Moon Academy game and go pro.
🧢 Check out the new items in the shop and get some fresh kit for your avatar.
⚽ Unlock new power-ups and score epic goals in Moonball 2.0.
🏎️ Race your friends around the track in a Man City Moon Buggy
🎓 Chat football with fellow fans of the beautiful game.
🌋 Explore the volcano, caves and secrets within the big new map!
🎊 Make new friends, have fun and play safe.

Man City wants to continue to improve the Blue Moon experience on Roblox. If you have feedback or want to report any bugs or glitches, please join the Blue Moon comms server.


There are currently no running experiences.