🌟 Koala Cafe is a game where you work at your first job and serve bakery themed food to rank up, with over 68 unique menu items - What are you waiting for? Get cooking! 🌟 

Ready to get to work? Join the group and apply for a job! 😊 

Use code "FUN" for a pet! 🐶 

At Koala Cafe, you can do all of this and more;
👋 Serve Customers 
🧹 Mop spills
🎉 Throw parties
🎈 Launch points
🐨 Earn promotions
🦄 Purchase pets
🎨 Purchase trails
🙀 Become staff
β›΅ Drive boats
✈️ Fly airplanes

The Team ❀️ 
LoganCreates - Creative Director 
ZackLaFlame - Co-Creative Director
Nyonic - Lead Developer
Klinecars - Graphics Designer

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