Music: "The Sound of the Falling Rain" by Ryann
-This game is old sorry for the music bugs or anyother bugs.-
This is just a Showcase.

Words From Creator : Life is great,Life is Hard,Dont Give up.

Once there was a guy who heard a story of a mysterious floating 
island that will bring back good memories and he also heard that u can never come off the island once you are on it. You  will be stuck with the happy good memories,or even bad ones.The guy wrote a story about the island when he made there, he hoped that someone will find the island and read hes story.There is a gift that he placed somewere on the island so nobody could get it.
If There is Bugs Please Tell me.
Added: More Color and Sunrays.
Erik was a good guy and we all still wish he was here..atleast i do.
Buying a gear from my place will help me alot!

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