⚠️How to drive a car!⚠️ Make sure when spawning a car wait for a few seconds for the car to fully load before getting in! ⚠️

⚠️ Note: Game is in early development and you might experience bugs and unfinished features such as buildings, cars and etc! ⚠️

Also try out our newer version of Everyday car driving!

Welcome to Everyday car driving!
This is a car driving simulator based on realistic vehicle physics handling simulation and realistic first person camera, steering wheel and shifting.
What can you do in Everyday car driving?
Well you can drive around and explore the city! (Still in development) also you can race, drift and do RP and much more!

Press "V" To go in first person to experience realistic vehicle physics feelings!

Shutdown = Update or fix

Make sure to like the game for more cars and updates!
Official game group:!/about


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