💥 Welcome to Nen Fighting Simulator! 💥

🗺️ Complete quests and explore new areas!
👊 Train your strength and learn new skills!
✨ Increase your Nen and show off your aura!
☀️ Rank up and earn new titles!
🏆 Become the strongest and top the leaderboards!

⭐Premium Users earn 2x Jenny per minute!⭐

Getting killed too often? Train in a free private server!

[UPDATE 1.5]
📱 Improved Mobile Controls!
⚙️ Settings Improvements!
🔨 Bug Fixes!
🌟 Codes!
Codes 7.5KLIKES and 15KFAVS are available in new servers!
👍 Next Code at 10K Likes! Thank you for the support!

🛎️Updates coming every week! Join the Communication Server to keep up to date!

Nen Fighting Simulator is not affiliated with the HxH series or Viz Media.


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