🚨 Update 4 🚨
🍀 +2x Luck Event here all week! 🍀
🏆 Season 1 is here!
💰 Complete Challenges to level up your season and get rewards!
🥚 Limited time Season Egg inside season pass containing limited time pets!
💎 New Gem Factory! Convert your currency into gems
👟 New Walkspeed Gem Enchant!
🏆 2 New Achievements!
⛏️ New Pickaxe
🎒 New Backpack
🔥 New Featured Pet!
📱 Improvements to Trading UI when viewing items
🐛 Bug Fixes

Welcome to Mining Simulator 2! ⛏️

💎 Explore the depths of the mines to discover rare materials and ores to sell! Upgrade your backpack and tools to gather more resources.

🐾 Tons of eggs to hatch and pets to collect. Bring your pets to accompany you on your mining adventure!

A game by Rumble Studios.


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