Need For Speed - Burnout Edition
Originally made by CrashFM and XiaoXiaoMan.
Now maintained and will continue to receive future updates.

Updates [6/24/22]:
[+] Our friend Dorlb has reuploaded the unfiltered version of the HD warning sign decal I made for testing purposes and it somehow got approved.
Not sure how theirs was allowed but mine gave me a warning for promoting "Bullying and Harassment" but at least we brought it back.

Updates [6/23/22]:
[+-] The warning signs have received an HD remake. Unfortunately, Roblox no longer approves images with the word "shot" on them so I had to modify the HD image for it to be approved.

Special thanks to all the legacy developers that provided us with amazing vehicles and content during the game's early days.

Thanks Dorlb for helping me get an image to go through roblox's terrible moderation system.


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