Epsilon Lineage is a Rogue Lineage edit/spinoff that introduces new classes, races, artifacts, locations, dungeons, and lore pieces. Certain aspects of the game have been overhauled, including a complete map redesign and numerous class/race reworks, however much of the core game mechanics remain unchanged. 

Explore a new yet familiar world, featuring: 
- Accelerated Progression 
- 10 New Super Classes 
- 16 New Ultra Classes 
- 10+ New Artifacts 
- Blessings
- New Cosmetic Items: Vanity Armor, Accessories, Skins, and more! 

Game info and update logs can be found in the #update-logs and #links channels in the community server, including the official Trello/wiki for the game. 

Premium players receive Insight, Silver, and a Life every hour.


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