This is classic Work at a Pizza Place from 2010 by Dued1, remade to work in 2022.

Includes the classic Oof sound!

Cook pizzas in the classic oven, or cook yourself, 
Box and Deliver the pizzas to the customers,
Manage the restaurant and Supply ingredients!

Version 2.1.3 🎃

- Music and Suggest button are fixed

- You now own the pizzas, dew or boxes that you click on.

- Orders are dropped when dead

- Improved Grab Tool

- All jobs give you money

- Seasons

- The order board is fixed

- Your money saves on a Global Leaderboard

I will update every now and then, improving anything I can whilst keeping its charm.

Old Account Version:

29-01-22  - 2k Likes! Thanks!
28-07-21  - 200k Visits! Thank you!
20-10-20 - I started developing the game.


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