✨ Welcome to Sticker Monsters Simulator! ✨

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- New Area: Moons Base
- New Sticker Monsters: Hollow, Yinyang, Angelic and more!
- New Shatter Realm Monsters
- New Mount: Rocketboard
- Added Verify in "Settings"
- Optimized and balanced overall experience!
Check in-game for more details!   

👾 Collect & Train tons of Sticker Monsters!
💥 Battle all sorts of enemies and bosses to get loot!
🗺️ Unlock & discover new areas!
🤝 Embark on an adventure with friends or fly solo!
🌟 Roblox Premium Members get 2x Lucky Wheel Rewards!

Play on: PC, Xbox, Mobile, Tablets

Tags: Simulator, Monster, Pet, Fighter, Collect, Gacha, Anime, Weapon, Training


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