🎲 In Double Down, you can earn Robux by hosting minigames. The more games you host, the more Robux you can earn!

Update #3:
The Battleship minigame has been released! Play now and sink some ships 🚢🫡

🤔 How to Play:
- First, buy a ticket with Robux to host a minigame.
- Then, wait for an opponent. They pay you Robux for a ticket to join.
- Finally, battle!
    - The winner can host a new minigame for FREE as a reward for performance. 

🌟 Free minigames are how you earn Robux: you pay nothing while you opponent pays you. Now that's profit!

📝 Double Down is not against Roblox's Community Standards because 1) selling access to games is allowed, 2) items can never be exchanged for Robux, and 3) getting a ticket for winning is SOLELY for performance. Players spending Robux understand they are only guaranteed access to play minigames. See the Terms and Conditions ingame for more information.

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