🎲 In Double Down, you can earn Robux by hosting minigames. The more games you host, the more Robux you can earn!

This is not an April Fools joke. Everything is back to normal 🤯

🤔 How to Play:
- First, buy a ticket with Robux to host a minigame.
- Then, wait for an opponent. They pay you Robux for a ticket to join.
- Finally, battle!
    - The winner can host a new minigame for FREE as a reward for performance. 

🌟 Free minigames are how you earn Robux: you pay nothing while you opponent pays you. Now that's profit!

📝 Double Down is not against Roblox's Community Standards because 1) selling access to games is allowed, 2) items can never be exchanged for Robux, and 3) getting a ticket for winning is SOLELY for performance. Players spending Robux understand they are only guaranteed access to play minigames. See the Terms and Conditions ingame for more information.

⌛Your Robux:


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