Prepare for unending fun!

🎞️ Watch Bakugan Battle Planet anime series every Thursday at 3 PM Eastern. 

👕 Win Bakugan Awesome Ones Crew Skins each week after watching the anime series!

🎁 Receive prizes after watching episodes each week and then 🔥BRAWL FOR IT ALL🔥 in the Arena with your friends!

⚔️ Compete with friends in 9 epic arenas!
🏆 Level up and climb the leaderboard!
🐉 Collect all 10 Bakugan!
📱 Link your physical collection in-game!
😎 Join the strongest factions and make them stronger — Pyrus, Ventus, Aquos, Aurelus, Haos, and Darkus!


Bakugan toys are available at all major retailers


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