Inspired by: The Backrooms, Mandela Catalog, The Rake and Bigfoot (CyberLight Studios)

The game gets updated pretty often, the gameplay may change, also you may enconter bugs when the game is Updating and the Servers will Shutdown.

You're Trapped in a huge variety of Rooms, each one taking you somewhere different, All Rooms are randomly Generated. But beware, because something is lurking in the Rooms at Night time.
Join up with your friends and kill the Creature!

Crouch- LControl
Night Vision / Flashlight - F
Backpack - Space
Sprint - LShift
Whistling - R
Interact - E
Use Items - Right Click
Drop - Q

Sprint - Left Joystick
Night Vision / Flashlight - DPadUp
Whistle - DPadRight
Crouch - DPadDown
Crafting Menu - Y
Interact - X
Use Items - RT
Drop - B

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Tags: Horror


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