✨ Updates ✨

• COURSE 3 has been added!
• New Living Room and Kitchen areas to explore!
• Added 2 new Cats!
• Unique variant of Doors and Keys!
• Added new items!

🐁 What if you were a mouse and needed to escape a house with giant predators? Experience cat game, a puzzle game where you need to find and unlock each entry that leads to your exit. 🐈

📄 Notes:

• You can hide in the mouse holes 
around the map to prevent yourself from being reached.

• Be careful where you walk, falling from a high place is dangerous.

• Speed boosts are a big help if you feel like you can't get away from cats.

• Bring a friend with you for a more funny experience.

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Current version: 1.4

tags: cat, cats, mouse, mice, rat, rats, escape, obby, fun, get eaten, parkour, adventure


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