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Join the group to spawn with an F2000!
Commands/Controls: Press the 'F' key whilst using a gun to lower it. 
Press the 'L' key with the flashlight to toggle it. 
Press the 'Q' key to use the scope on scoped weaponry. 
Press and hold the 'Shift' key to sprint. 
Some items in the world can be interacted with by clicking on them, such as the fire places. 
Throw your bolts at the base of anomalies to trigger them. 
Whilst using the 'RP Name GUI' you can press 'Ctrl+J' to create a new line. 
Earn RU by finding artifacts or by hunting mutants. 
Do NOT buy V.I.P for this game! You're not allowed to use it, doing so will have consequences. 
Recent Update 
+Extended area past Freedom base
- Removed winter theme
* Moved underground entrance
Credits: Caitlyn_SP, ahpricot and mattkiller105

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