Discord: /qRUypYS


Left Click - Lock-on (Click on target twice to cameralock, right click to un-cameralock)

Space x2 - Fly
Space (Flying) - Ascend (Down + Space = Descend)
Double tap WASD - Dodge

Left Control - Ki charge
Left Shift - Ki dash

Z - Vanish (costs more stamina if you're being attacked) / Recover (while being knocked back)
X - Cancel current charged attack
C - Leave current battle

R - Block (R + Combat = Grab)
Guard break - Block right before getting attacked, 1.5 seconds cooldown

T - Deflect (Beams and ki blasts)

F - Ki blast
1 - Energy wave, press again to fire
2 - Trap shooter
3 - Destructo Disc
4 - Kamehameha Wave

Q (Light) / E (Heavy) - Combat (Left Shift + Combat = Dash attack)
Combat Combos:
[Q x7] EQ

B - Super Saiyan (Requires full ki, doesn't give you any perks yet)

If someone is battling another player you won't be able to damage him.

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