THIS GAME IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, more content will be added through updates!

Welcome to Chaotic Bean Simulator, the cutest simulator you'll ever play! (...probably)

✨Everything gives EXP! 
Have fun playing the way *you* want to, whether you're hoarding gummies, attempting parkour, or even just bouncing and goofing around!
🔺Level up to get bigger, faster, and bouncier!
🌀Ascend to gain Astral Gummies, unlock new abilities, improve your stats further and even more!

You can also...

🎩Customise your bean with an expanding plethora of items...
🏅Unlock all kinds of achievements...
💥Fight against ravenous Baked Beans...

more reasons to play this game:
•bouncy jellybean
•you can be a jellybean
•its a game but it is about jellybeans which makes it slightly more good i think


There are currently no running experiences.