Welcome to My Hello Kitty Cafe! Create, manage, and decorate your very own Hello Kitty Cafe while with new friends along the way.

Full of fun and sweet roleplay experience on Roblox! 

In this cafe tycoon and simulator, you can hang out with friends, work, roleplay or explore the city. 

Cinnamoroll's Cloud Cafe is officially open!
Work hard, get rewarded and redeem exclusive rewards!

-Add Badtz-maru theme cafe style
-Add Badtz-maru Billboard
-Add Basketball Statue and Painting
-Add Badtz-maru Coffee Table and Sofa 
-Add Badtz-maru Wall and Wallpaper
-Add Badtz-maru Ceiling Light and Outdoor Statue
-Add 6 types of Badtz-maru tiles
And many more Badtz-maru themed props!

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The platform in the game description does not allow the display of Code!

Like reward goal 
600k likes Code:600KHAPPYDAY

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