Welcome to My Hello Kitty Cafe!  

Join @HelloKitty and Friends in a supercute world full of fun and sweet surprises. 

Create, manage, and decorate your very own Hello Kitty Cafe while with new friends along the way.

-Add Gudetama style façade
-Add Gudetama wallpaper
-Add Gudetama sofa and coffee table
-Add Gudetama photos and statues
-Add three new colors of flooring voted for
-Optimize game loading speed
-Increase the coins obtained by working in the cafe
-Fix some bugs

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20k likes Code:LIKEKITTYQD2
40k likes Code:LIKEKITTYED2
60k likes Code:LIKEKITTYGD2
80k likes Code:LIKEKITTYDD2
100k likes Code:LIKEKITTYFD2
150k likes Code:LIKEKITTYKD2
250k likes Mystery Gift

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