🚀Welcome to Power Fighting Tycoon🚀

⭐Unlock Super Powers and OP Skills to fight your enemies and friends⭐

🔥 Build Up your own Power Tycoon and become Stronger and Richer to be the best on the Server! 🔥

👍Thumbs Up (LIKE) the Game for a Free Code at 20.000 Likes!👍

⏫ Press double Space/Jump for Double Jump!

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💾 Tycoons autosave each Team individual 💾 

🎁Use code: "Welcome" for +500 Cash!🎁
🌟New Code at 20.000 Likes!🌟

👍 17.000 Likes code = 17KThanks
👍 18.000 Likes code = Thanksfor18K

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📲 Available Devices: Pc, Console, Mobile, Tablet

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