Cut grass to earn grass, then spend that grass on upgrades to earn even more grass.

It's a game where numbers go up!!!
Currently has five (5) prestige layers with possibly more to come!

This game has OFFLINE progress after buying a certain upgrade!
You won't have to leave your device on all the time!

game in still in development so expect potential data loss, bugs, and also updates to expand end game

🌻 Version 0.7 "Grassland" 🌻

- New Reset Layer ♻️
- Two New Areas 🏝️
- New Features 🧩
- New Music 🔥
- Save Slots 💾
- Balanced Early Game ⚙️
- Big and Small Reworks
- Bug Fixes & Exploit Patches 🐝
 Tons more to Discover❗


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