🎯Welcome to Terramon!🎯
[ATTENTION] This game is still in ALPHA! Please, if you encounter any bugs, post a message on our group or on our social links!

Collect and upgrade all the different unique Terramon cards with unique abilities. Create epic combos and outplay your enemies!

How to Play:
🪑Sit on battle chairs, with an opponent 🪑
⚔️Battle and destroy the enemy crystal! ⚔️
💎Claim all the cool rewards 💎
💪🏼Upgrade and become SUPER strong! 💪🏼

Upcoming features:
🎪 Rotating daily/weekly events 🎪
📜 Adventures for single-player or co-op 📜
🛡️ Guilds 🛡️


There are currently no running experiences.