🛡️ Gear 5 Infinite Health Skin is only valid for 24 hrs, enjoy before we nerf it back🛡️

 ✨ Limited Premium Spin Code on Our Channel "Arch Studios" ✨

 🦩 String Fruit Released! 

👍 40,000 Likes = New Fruit👍 

🏴 A Piece is a Meme One Piece game in which you will encounter multiple anime content and can level up faster, increase your worth in game and top the leaderboard 🏴 

📝Update Log: 
- Gear 5 Luffy Skin now have infinite health (enjoy before we nerf it)
- Added Sabo Boss on Wano Island at Sea 1 (Halloween Island = Wano)
- Sabo boss drops Dragon Claw Fighting Style with a 6% drop rate 
- Katakuri Boss now drops a Bolt with a 5% drop rate 
- Take the Bolt to the Machi NPC at the Katakuri Island to get the Mochi Gun Reward 
- Added Katakuri Boss (at Katakuri Island, Sea 3) 
- Katakuri drops Mochi Fruit with a 0.5% drop rate 
- Loading Screen Fixes + x600 XP 

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Level Cap: 100M 
Beli Cap: 100B
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