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🦩 String Fruit Released!

👍 40,000 Likes = New Fruit👍 

🏴 A Piece is a Meme One Piece game in which you will encounter multiple anime content and can level up faster, increase your worth in game and top the leaderboard 🏴 

📝 Update Log: 
- Mochi V1 Buffed
- Added Vergil's Yamato Sword V2 (Strongest Sword, Dark Skinned)
- Sword Seller can be found at Sea 1 Starter Island
- Added a Premium Spin Code

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Fruits: Barrier, Bomb, Dark, Tremor, Flame, Light, Ice, Gravity, Phoenix, Lightning, Gilgamesh, Dark Cosmic, Blood, Star Platinum, Mochi, Dragon, Goro, Darl Phoenix, Mochi Awakened 
Swords: 1SS, 2SS, 3SS, Yoru, Yamato, Excalibur,Chastiefol, Gryphon, Gear 5 Sword, Bisento Fight Styles: Fist, Jajanken, Mochi Gun, Kamehameha, Reversal Red, Gaster Blaster 

Level Cap: 100M


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