Thank you everyone for supporting me and my game (:

Check out the social links down below the description! And follow the game while you're at it c:

1-9 = Activate/Deactivate your weapon.
X = Toggle sprint.
Q = Punch/Kick, gives a single experience point.
T = Block, duration increases based on Durability.
M = Equip/Unequip Mask
Click = Attack
E = Basic Special
R = Advanced Special
F = Ultimate Special
C = Bonus Special
Double tap WASD to evade.

Do not trust any other 'Ro-Ghoul' copies on roblox! Those games may threaten your account! So don't believe and fall for any of their tricks.

Still in heavy development, and a stat reset will happen, cosmetic stuff such as masks and color will stay.

Killing low level people does not reward you so please don't ruin the game for others.
Accessories aside from hair gets removed.

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