Pressing R will reset you and also switch between the SF50 and C172.


-Improved SF50 Suspension
-Improved Brakes
-Macs might have difficulty seeing the virtual cockpits, Roblox is fixing eventuallyTM

This is a side project of mine to create a realistic flight simulator using airfoil data from real life to create flight models that behave and function like the real thing.  Im a commercial pilot in real life with multi, instrument, and complex ratings, and I can tell you from first hand experience this is a pretty accurate representation of flying a plane for real. If you like the game please support it by hitting thumbs up and favoriting. 

[[HOW TO FLY THE SF50]] Turn on the "Engine Control" knob located on the left side of the cockpit near the main display. Accelerate to 85 knots (Left side of main display) Pitch up 10 degrees using S and W Climb to desired altitude and then maintain airspeed. Loosing speed will result in stalling. 

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